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Earn up to 155% on Crypto Investment

With Capiton Invest

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Earn up to 155% on Crypto Mining

With Capiton Invest

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Earn up to 155% on Crypto Mining

With Capiton Invest

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About Us

Capiton Invest was established in Germany since 2000 as a Financial Cooperative firm but delved into providing Automated Trading Services and Cryptocurrencies Investment in 2018. Even with such a short time, we managed to achieve impressive results! During this time, we have found partners and clients not only from many Great Britain regions, but also reached the world level, cooperating with the USA, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Israel, Russia, and many EU and CIS countries.

The quality of our services, the speed and speed of reaction, innovative methods of work, the highest professionalism of the team and the huge enthusiasm for our work have made us outstanding specialists in our field, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of satisfied customers, letters of recommendation.

We always follow the best global trends, offer the best options and make unique solutions for each investment. We are ready to become your reliable partner in the world of investment!

Company's Profile

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Minimum deposit

$ 100

Minimum withdrawal

$ 100



profitable direction for diversification

company success rate is growing steadily

short payback time in any day or hour

high return of up to 200% per month

Investment Plan



  • Minimum: $100
  • Maximum: $4,999
  • Total Return: 110%


  • Minimum: $5,000
  • Maximum: $19,999
  • Total Return: 125%


  • Minimum: $20,000
  • Maximum: $500,000
  • Total Return: 155%




Liam Garret

Bingwen Wu

Giao Lin

years in


10 years

7 years

6 years


in 2019-2020

$ 979 121 000

$ 445 765 000

$ 212 357 000

Total turnover

in 2019-2020

$ 8 245 466 000

$ 3 532 390 000

$ 2 138 254 000

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For ease of use of our platform, we have created an official telegram chanel that contains all the necessary functionality for fast and easy work with PAM accounts.


1 level

up to 5%

Our company is interested in expanding and popularizing our platform, which is why we provide additional income from our affiliate program as a common practice around the world.

To participate in the affiliate program there is no need to create an active deposit, for each attracted affiliate your balance will be credited with 5%,7%,10% commission, depending on the chosen investment plan.


Why us

Quick Profits

All profits will be calculated to your account balance once your plan is expired. You can withdraw them any time and min withdrawal amount is $0.1.

Instant Payment

All payments are processed instantly. If you meet pending please check e-currency site first. It can't be processed instantly if the e-currency site is down

DDOS protection & SSL Security use SSL Security to protect all investor's data, Password and Pin code. All of your money are safe in our company any time.

Professional Team

We have professional team and we have developed a automatic system that will allow you to make profit handsomely. It includes defined risk prevention as well as stable income for any